For more than ten years now I have been fascinated by people's characteristic features: observing them, getting to know them and capturing them with my camera. The most exciting moments for me happen when a person immerses himself in the moment with all his heart and soul and when this intensity is then visible in my photos.

My focus on concert photography stems from my passion for music and being drawn to live events. Music creates images in my mind. While in direct contact with the artist, the ideas which have previously existed in my imagination become real. Those are the moments I attempt to capture on film.

When the person sees herself on the photo and says, "that is truly me", I have reached one of my primary goals. Because the most wonderful thing in photography is to meet and to recognize each other.

I prefer to shoot with my Leica R9, using „pushed“ black&white- films and no flash. I develop the films in my lab and make prints by hand. This gives me the freedom to be as close as possible but as discreet as necessary, depending on each situation.